All She Wants To Do Is Sing & No One is Going To Stop Her!

29 05 2011


Tom Noddy Is Odd/Cool

28 05 2011

This Kitty Knows How To Play Cowboys & Indians

27 05 2011

It even makes a  “dying” sound!

WTF Is This? I Don’t Even… Just Read

11 01 2011

The following video contains….

And this

Enjoy (I cant Embed the video but please feel free to follow the link)!

Epic God Troll Is Actually Pretty Funny (Also Epic)

9 01 2011

I was searching around the t’internet the other day (as I do so very VERY often) & I came across the Epic God Troll meme.

Its pretty funny & I found it here


Why Back To The Future Is Secretly Horrifying

3 01 2011

This Kid Got Books For Christmas, He Wasn’t Happy

21 12 2010