The Rent Is Too Damn High

25 10 2010

This guy is running to be the next governor of New York & based on his platform of the rent being too damn high, I hope he gets elected.

If Arnold can do it then so can Jimmy McMillan, if anybody asks why, tell them its because the rent is too damn high!

His website is an eyesore that makes me want rip my eyes from their sockets but you can check it out here

The Expendables Will Be Awesome

9 08 2010

Just check out this interview with Sly for proof!

Click the picture for the link

What If Arnold Was Darth Vader?

6 08 2010

I like this so much.

My First Link Dump

5 08 2010

Hello visitor from the Internets & welcome the the place where I dump funny links & pictures because my Facebook is getting pretty clogged up, enjoy!

Oh Tin Man however can I repay you?


The worlds most awesome toaster (until the next one)…. CLEAR!


Arnold just chillin’ on a normal day.


At least it landed on its feet.



When I go to Alton towers I always take a nut and bolt with me. I love watching people’s faces when we are at the top of The Oblivion, about to go over the edge, and I hold them up screaming “what the fuck”!?!