Working Halo Assult Rifle

4 11 2010

Words cannot express how warm & fuzzy this makes me inside.

Keep in mind that this is home made!

OK clearly he goes a bit OTT in the video but the gun is cool even if he is not.


Homemade Gatling Nerf Gun

25 08 2010

If I had this I could act out that classic scene from Predator & become a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurs!

Un-Zipping The Sea

20 08 2010

How cool is this?

Its a boat that looks like a zip.

Who Do I Have To Kill to Have This At Home?

13 08 2010

How awesome is this? I could play this all day long & I HATE F1 & it’s games

Super Mario Supermarket

10 08 2010

Awesome DIY Hidden Compartment

9 08 2010