Ryan Air Are Gonna Like This

1 06 2011

Its the future I tell you!

Tom Noddy Is Odd/Cool

28 05 2011

Sneaky American Football Play

21 12 2010

Wolverine Want’s His Nails Clipped

14 11 2010

1 Man 2 Kermits

25 10 2010

I don’t know the full story behind this but it is awesome. Watch it & enjoy.

The Rent Is Too Damn High

25 10 2010

This guy is running to be the next governor of New York & based on his platform of the rent being too damn high, I hope he gets elected.

If Arnold can do it then so can Jimmy McMillan, if anybody asks why, tell them its because the rent is too damn high!

His website is an eyesore that makes me want rip my eyes from their sockets but you can check it out here

The Wisdom Of 50 Cent

5 09 2010

So Fiddy got a Twitter & has been blessing the whole Twitverse (new word – my blog, my rules. Trolls keep your trolling to yourself) with 24 carat nuggets of random stuff from his brain.