Epic God Troll Is Actually Pretty Funny (Also Epic)

9 01 2011

I was searching around the t’internet the other day (as I do so very VERY often) & I came across the Epic God Troll meme.

Its pretty funny & I found it here


Truer Words Have Never Been Tweeted

5 09 2010


Oh Leo

5 09 2010

I hope this meme never dies (until it gets old, then it must be destroyed like Jedward should be)

Where Wookies Come From

3 09 2010

Ever wonder where wookies come from? Now you know.

Your Welcome.


I Like

21 08 2010

Some Of The Dumbest Rap Lines Ever

21 08 2010

The worst thing is at the time, you never stop to notice just how stupid some of the lyrics are.

Dog On A Swing

20 08 2010

That is all.