Who Said 8-bit Was Dead?

3 06 2011

Homemade Gatling Nerf Gun

25 08 2010

If I had this I could act out that classic scene from Predator & become a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurs!

Who Do I Have To Kill to Have This At Home?

13 08 2010

How awesome is this? I could play this all day long & I HATE F1 & it’s games

Just Buy A New PC Dude

12 08 2010


X-Wing Sat Nav!

12 08 2010

I know that it is completly useless, so why do I still want it?

(For those less geeky then myself it is a GPS app that is in the style of Luke Skywalkers’ X-Wing computer)

Click the pic for the video!

Real Life Computer Racing Game

10 08 2010

Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

6 08 2010

Check this thing out, its called the Apple Peel 520 & it is a ‘case’ that allows your iPod Touch to make phone calls & receive text messages. For more details on this click the link below