9 04 2012


Hey Land of Droid, What Does Your Android Look Like?

26 09 2011

John, Ross, Stephen, Tim & Tyler I’m calling you all out for a little game of you show me yours & I’ll show mine, Android style of course!

I’m really curious what kind of devices you have & what your home screens look like, so in the spirit of fun below is my simple everyday homescreen.


What I used:
HTC Desire Z, SIM-free Non-Root

Android 2.3.3
Launcher Pro
SiMi Folder Widget
Icon’s are from http://launcherpro.droidicon.com/ by Jon F Hancock
Wallpaper is Golden Vintage from http://eddli.deviantart.com
Dock is from http://theultralinx.com/

There are a few hidden features to this too.


The calendar can be easily switched to month or agenda view


The three main icons on the screen represent ‘HD’ or ‘Primo’ type games, basic games & tools/utilities


I wasn’t sure if this would be appropriate for the main site & an email can look boring so I’m posting mine here.

What does yours look like?


Even if your not from the Land of Droid you can still get involved, TheNewShaft doesn’t descriminate.

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